Mercedes S500 AMG

Mercedes S500 AMG
Mercedes S500 AMG

Макс. скорость: 260 км/ч

До 100км/ч: 5 сек.

Двигатель: V12 5500 cc.

Модель: 2016

Мощность: 436 лс.

Цена: 1500 AED

Депозит: 5000 AED


Two strong converging character lines give the flanks a more sculpted look, while integrated exhaust tips and a large glass roof (likely optional) highlight the design. Inside, almost every surface is covered by a 'luxury' material - everything that looks like leather is genuine leather and metal is used rather than any plastic alternative. The instrument cluster consists entirely of two widescreen (30.5 cm diagonal) LCD displays with animated graphics. A 'Head-Up' display and gesture responsive touch pad became options in early 2014.

The W222 debuts the available Magic Body Control, consisting of windshield mounted stereo cameras that can 'read' the road ahead (Road Surface Scan) and communicate with the Active Body Control suspension to ready it for an uneven road surface. Initially only available on 8-cylinder models and above, Magic Ride Control attempts to isolate the car's body by predicting rather than reacting to broken pavement and speed humps.

Available luxury appointments over and above what was offered in the W221 include a choice of massage type for each seat occupant (the W221 offered various intensities of a single massage type) and two levels of premium audio from luxury German brand, Burmester. The decision to rent Mercedes S500 AMG with EasyCar in Dubai is a reasonable investment in an unforgettable vacation.

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