Mercede SLS AMG

Mercede SLS AMG

Max speed: 317 km/h

To 100km/h: 3.8 sec.

Engine: 6208 cc.

Model: 2014

Power: 571 hp.

Price: 2500 AED

Deposit: 10000 AED


The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is a front-engine, 2-seater luxury grand tourer automobile developed by Mercedes-AMG of German automaker Mercedes-Benz and is the first Mercedes-Benz automobile designed in-house by AMG. The car, which has gull-wing doors, is the successor to the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and is described by Mercedes-Benz as a spiritual successor to the Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing. SLS stands for "Sport Leicht Super". The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is assembled in Sindelfingen, Germany.

The SLS AMG is an iconic vehicle that represented firsts, mosts, and lasts. It was the first Mercedes-Benz designed and built from scratch entirely by AMG, which was given a clean sheet to execute and build its own car design from the ground up. Upon its introduction the SLS AMG's 571 PS (420 kW; 563 hp) M159 engine was according to AMG "the world's most powerful naturally aspirated production series engine" ever produced. The SLS AMG was also Mercedes-Benz's last naturally aspirated engine. With the passing of the SLS AMG's M159 monster engine, and the less potent version used in the C63 AMG (the lower output M156 version), Mercedes-Benz has no remaining naturally aspirated engines in its production lineup. To quote one publication, "The years of the naturally aspirated V8 brutes are over, with Mercedes AMG adopting the downsizing trend."  However, Mercedes could not part with this remarkable engine entirely, so when it came to its GT3 race car, it elected to stick with its top of the line, naturally aspirated 6.3 litre engine.

The SLS has been owned by many celebrities, including Eddie Murphy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Pacino, Floyd Mayweather, Boris Becker, Mark Wahlberg, Roger Federer, Slyvester Stallone, Tom Hanks, and Christiano Ronaldo, as well as a number of "car guy" celebrities, such as Jay Leno and Jeremy Clarkson, but perhaps most impressively, by premier racing drivers, among them Lewis Hamilton, and it was developed with the assistance of David Coulhard.

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